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About Us

John Thompson, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

Throughout his career, John has been passionate about helping clients design and implement a mortgage plan that helps them achieve life goals. At SMPL Mortgage, the entire team is dedicated to that very ideal. Entering the Industry in 1991, John began his career at the bottom, gathering and inputting client data for analysis. This early hands-on knowledge of the mortgage process, from the “ground up” gives him an insight that many in the industry never receive. An Alumnus of the University of Southern California, John earned a degree in International Finance. As an entrepreneur both in the mortgage industry and other businesses, John gained valuable “real world’ experience and perspective. This combination of education and experience make John and his Team uniquely qualied to understand, advise and relate to clients’ goals and needs today and in the future. John soon discovered that most client interaction was essentially teaching around nance and life. He teaches groups, companies and individuals about money and life and how simple decisions impact every area, intentional or otherwise. In 2007, he was invited to join the faculty of the National Institute of Financial Education, a non prot with the goal of “Simple, Fast and Fun” financial education for all.

John co-authored the book Borrow Smart Repay Smart® with noted financial expert Todd Ballenger. He spends his time advising clients and teaching online and in person to consumers, financial and real estate professionals. A few of the subjects John teaches include:

  • The Smart HomeBuyerTM
  • Borrow Smart Repay Smart®
  • Investment Real Estate 101
  • Reverse Mortgage – Myths and Realities
  • The Four Steps to Financial FreedomTM
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go
  • What is Enough – A Conversation about
  • Money, Time and Purpose
  • Borrow Smart UniversityTM

John spent many years overseas before moving to the San Gabriel Valley, where he, his wife Tina and three sons make their home today. When John isn’t busy at work, you might find him playing volleyball or creating something new, working in the community or just spending quality time with his family.

Kal Balian Antoun, Mortgage Advisor

I’ve been part of the mortgage lending world since 2010, after a decades-long career in marketing. As a generational lending team, we work with consumers who are striving for Financial wellness throughout every stage of their lives. From a first time home buyer to a Reverse Mortgage Client, our goal is for our clients to know that savvy mortgage management and Financial education create a foundation for a families success. 

Born and raised in Pasadena, I’m a true California native. I’ve made my home here in the San Gabriel Valley with my husband Roy and three children, Matthew, Adam and Sara. My career goal is to help you get into the home of your dreams or stay in the home of your dreams while educating you about the impact borrowing will have on your overall finances and taking you though a fun and fantastic lending experience.