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John Thompson, CRMP

Kal Antoun, Mortgage Advisor

NMLS #252514, DRE #01104249

NMLS #1012051, DRE #1926565

(626) 583-1623
SMPL Mortgage - A DBA of C2 Financial Corp. NMLS#: DRE 01104249 CS NMLS 372528

We are Changing the World - One Family, One Home and One Mortgage at a Time.

The SMPL Mortgage Team is entirely focused on teaching!  The decisions that we all make around mortgage debt and real estate impact our lifestyle, our financial plans and our ability to enjoy a fantastic life!

Without knowledge and understanding we wander from plan (or not) to plan with no destination in mind.  

We are passionate about helping our clients and partners make good financial decisions - especially around mortgage debt!  

Every conversation, interaction, email, text is an opportunity to impact another human in a positive way.

Every class we teach is an opportunity to make a difference and influence a wider group of people- there is power and responsibility in this and I never take it lightly.

We call ourselves Generational Lending Experts because since 1991 John has been advising families on their first home, their next homes and even their final home.  The rush that comes from helping a First Time Buyer get that American Dream to the life changing Impact of helping a client Right Size or Age in Place with a HECM/Reverse mortgage is what gets us going each and every day! 

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SMPL Mortgage is a DBA of C2 Financial Corp NMLS: 135622 DRE: 1821025